Q & A with WR Isaac Bruce
July 30, 2007

(On if anything has changed through his 14 seasons)
"No not at all. It's pretty much the same; same routine. "

(On if the years have flown by)
"The first four flew by but after that I remember everything else so it's kind of slow walking."

(On if all the camps are different)
"Yeah they are different, like when we get a different coach so that's pretty much the biggest difference. Some of the length of time as far as practices and meetings may be different. That's about the only real difference."

(On if he likes the current camp set up)
"This is the same as last year, so it worked out well last year and it's working good this year too."

(On if he is given any breaks)
"No, I practice every practice we got. If he's going to give me a break he hasn't given it to me yet but if he is, I'll take it."

(On if it is easier being under Coach Linehan)
"Because we got everything last year, this is the second year under Coach Linehan. We're really familiar with the offense as far as passing games are concerned and running games are concerned. Right now, it's just going out and making sure we kick everything back into our memory and going out on the field performing what we already learned from the year before."

(On if he is more comfortable)
"I get more and more comfortable every year."

(On if there is anything he stays devoted to in order to stay healthy)
"Yes, because I am not 21 anymore and some of the wear and tear is an opportunity or chance for wear and tear on your body and I don't want to help that cause. I want to slow it down as much as possible. I make sure I get a ton of fruit and a ton of vegetables and don't burn the candles on both ends and stay away from sugar."

(On if there is any momentum from the end of last year to bring to this season)
"I'm just taking a page out of what I saw the Saints do on Coach Vitt. He kind of varied on what they did last year as far as the NFC Championship so in my mind we bury what we did, the success that we had last year. We were 8-8 and hoping to build off there. It's a new season so we build from the ground up right now."

(On his optimism on how good the offense will be this year)
"I got my hopes up real high. Those guys (TE Randy McMichael and WR Drew Bennett) come right in, they are experienced guys, been in the heat of battle. They can make plays and they will help us put the points on the board."

(On if the Rams will be as good as the past)
"I don't live in the past. I'm living in the future but I believe so."

(On how he helps other players)
"Just being patient and your out-running ability. Make sure you get your depth on every route and having a mind set that nobody can stop you but you. If I can help in any kind of way it would be changing more what you say not what you're doing on the field because I believe the things that you say ultimately become what you do with the football."

(On Bulger skipping the team meeting)
"It wasn't a team meeting. Camp starts on the first day of practice so he didn't really miss anything."

(On what having Bulger for six year means for the team)
"It means that he got a contract that is definitely well deserved and I'm next."

(On how he and Torry Holt have broken in Jonathan Wade)
"I'm not very fond of guys from Tennessee because I went to Memphis but that's just how I feel. He is my teammate now, he'll be off to a start just like a little Leonard Little."

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