Troy Brown intrigues me. Here is a person with three (3) Super Bowl rings, which means he's been to the pinnacle i.e. the mountaintop at least three times and brought home the prize. It's a feat in which every National Football League player past and present has played this game. Troy is entering his 15th season with the New England Patriots. He is an integral part of the once again favored Patriots. He can do it all: punt returner, wide receiver, and line up as a gunner on the punt team. I even raised up out of my stance to find my safety and corner and you guessed it, it was Troy Brown playing corner. Troy is very well known, not just in the New England part of the country, but also around the league for his blue collar play. Troy's STORY is much more intriguing than his glory that he now possesses. You see, Troy was released by the Patriots early in his career. Again, this past weekend NFL rosters had to be trimmed to their final fifty-three man rosters, which means guys lost their jobs not their dreams.Why do I admire Mr. Troy Brown? Well it's not only because we share the same number, but his ability to thrive in a cut throat business and he always gives more than is asked of him. There are many who get caught in the numbers game or are placed on that so-called "waiting list", but they never quit and never give up (a slogan that I've added to my daily meditation).

I will not be defeated and will not quit.

This note is to get fans ready for the upcoming regular season in the NFL. Don't just be a fan to your team, but become family. My definition of family: We praise, we don't complain; we encourage and edify as opposed to tearing down. We win together; we lose together from September to January. Troy's story is much more interesting than his glory. Remember, your words are the most powerful thing in the universe, so walk by faith and not by sight.

Isaac Bruce

PS - This is my MVP season

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