The following comments were left by Rams' fans in reference to articles written by Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Thanks for everything you did on and off the field for the St. Louis Rams, Ike.

I remember going to Rams road games in Cincinnati and KC in '99 and 2000, and it was like a home game every time that the Rev. Ike caught a pass. Chants of "BR-UUUUU-CE" echoed wherever he played.

Here's hoping No. 80 is retired by the Rams -- and that he becomes part of the front office at some point.

big man
I remember the first game of the St. Louis Rams when you blocked a punt and then on the very next play caught the touchdown pass. I remeber buying a #80 t-shirt and going to the games at old Busch. I remember the first play of the 99 playoffs when you caught the 7 route and ran to the end zone on the first play of the game against the Vikings. And of course I remember you coming back on the 9 route in the superbowl and racing to the end zone. I remember our first year in St. Louis when us PSL owners did the "Bruce, there it is" chant and then the Rams started making it "official" and it was more fun when we did it on our own....I hope to lean over the rail sunday and shake your hand. HALL OF FAMEthe original STL RAM...

If you can afford a ticket, you should go just to give the man a standing ovation. Bruce WAS THE RAMS!

Rip The Ram
That oft used word 'legend' is thrown around far too freely these days. In Isaac's case however it almost seems like an understatement.More than one or two tears will be shed on Sunday Ike ~ the greatest.!!!!!!

When he retires at the end of this season,I hope this front office has enough class to sign him to a 1 day contract so he can leave a RAM.Next stop Isaac...Canton,see you in 5 years and thanx for all you've done for this franchise you are a classy gentleman!

Love you 80. We will be there Sunday out of respect to you.

PA Rams Fan
Sure wish I could be there Sunday to see Bruce for the last time. Bruce will surely be missed by the Rams and the NFL. Good Luck in all that you do Bruce!!!!!

LA/Anaheim/StLouis Fan
Reverend Ike. What a Ram! I watched him in Anaheim and in St Louis. It was hard to see him go to the hated 49ers, but I have always respected this man. When me and three friends one year made the trek to St Louis from California we all wore our Bruce jerseys in honor of the last remaining LA Ram. He is a true professional (on and off the field)and should be honored Sunday.

Rev. Bruce is and always will be a Rams legend. He played the game the right way. I don't think I ever heard him complain about salary, contract or money like these other pre-madonna's do now. Sad to say a player like Bruce is a dying breed.

Thanks for the memories IKE!

LA Rams
The Rams should hire Bruce as the WR's coach next year.

Very well written article Jim. The comments were also good. I sure hope that someone sends Ike a copy. Bruce was the ultimate conduit between the California Ram fans and the St. Louis Ram fans. I sure hope the front office doesn't drop the ball like they did with Deacon Jones. Retire Bruce a Ram and retire his jersey.

Da Rams!
So long, Revered Ike. You're something special in Rams history.

Mr. Bruce, you will forever be the greatest wide reciever in the history of both the Los Angeles and St. Louis Rams. You gave this team it's only Superbowl victory and have always been a true example of leadership, and sportsmanship. While watching you play for the rival 49er's has been hard, you will always be a Ram! Goodluck in your future and Thankyou so much for all you've done for this franchise. God Bless You!

Simply put...the greatest Ram of all time!!! Thanks Isaac, see you in Canton! First Ballot!

I suggest if Rev. Ike retires, the Rams offer him a one day contract like the Cowboys did with Emmett Smith so that he can retire a Ram.

Steve M.
great idea Stevepinet, I agree totally.

ditto! ditto!! ditto!!!

Da Rams!
Ike, we'll never forget you or the manner in which you played and conducted yourself, to say nothing of the 9-route that produced the winning TD in the Super Bowl. Thanks for all the thrills!

Class act all the way. Should of retired as a Ram, stupid owners.

HE HAD>>>>HAS no true quarterback to throw him the ball .How he did what he did is amazing!!! We need new commentators because very few except madden knew isaacs greatness.Rams sign him for 1 year not 1 day and then its suh, tebow/mazoli, mccluster .We CAN win next year ram fans have a low fan base so when we write its got to be hardcore epmd style,then de la style as we ascend!!!!

Another point: that gives the male sheep four days to add 80 to the ring of fame. I'm sure the paint will dry by Sunday!

The sad thing is that Ike may have trouble getting into the HOF becuase he didn't run his mouth to get noticed my the national media. T.O. will probably be a first ballot HOFer but it might take Ike several tries. I hope I'm wrong.

Kev in Hawaii
Ike Bruce was the BEST!!! HE WILL ALWAYS BE A RAM!!! ALWAYS!! The ram upper guys should retire him as a ram, pay tribute to him...and all that he desreves...hell...maybe even become a WR coach for the rams!! they OWE HIM THAT!! good luck Ike, you ARE hte best!! aloha!

The last of the Los Angeles Rams still playing, see ya Isaac you are one of the best..........hated to see you go!

The Rams did not treat Isaac with the respect he deserved, he really could have helped the team. He earned the right to phase out as they did with Marshall Faulk and he would have helped the rookies. Wasn't it Linehan we have to thank??? Really cool for Singletary to bring him in for this hometown game!

Sam Rescone
Agree with Stevepinet. The Rams can still do something worthwhile this season (or do they have to wait for next season?) to offer Issac a one-day contract to retire as a Ram. Post Dispatch writers: would this work, assuming Issac wants to do that?

Rams will sign him for one day and let him retire a Ram..

I love Ike but to immediately put him ahead of Crazylegs etc is probably unfair to their L.A. history. Let's just call him the best STL Rams receiver and leave it at that.

Stevepinet is right on time-Ike MUST retire as a Ram-49ers should release Ike on saturday and the Rams should sign him to a one day deal so he can pack it in where he belongs. Good luck, Isaac Bruce-we will be ever indebted to you for all you have done in your great NFL career-God Bless

Harold Jackson 29
forget about a one day contract ...we got anybody who definitely plans to retire after this season ? TRADE HIM to the 49-ers for Bruce , and let him finish his career ON THE FIELD for the RAMS.Was at The Meadowlands in 1990 for Flipper's catch against the Giants , was in Atlanta for Ike's S.B. catch in 2000 , so for 2010, I'd like one more super memory , IKE'S last game as a RAM !

Brian S
Mr.Bruce see you in the H.O.F. I will never forget the Green Bay game when you block a punt and we beat the Packers 17-14 at Lambeau field. Rich Brooks was our H/C and I do believe you caught the TD pass right after you blocked it.

I'm excited about going to the game Sunday...if nothing else to let out one last BRRRUUUUUUUCCCEEE!

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