Isaac Bruce, TV star?

By: Jim Thomas
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

During his 14 seasons with the Rams, including 13 in St. Louis, Isaac Bruce was never one of those diva wide receivers who thrived on attention and looked for ways to get it.

But Bruce will be all over television in the coming months. Bruce was in Los Angeles this week as one of the "cast" members for the "Pros vs. Joes" show on Spike TV. The show features pro athletes hooking up in sports competition against regular guys. This season's sports are football and basketball. The first episode is scheduled to air July 14.

Bruce also will be a featured guest on an upcoming episode of "Extreme Home Makeover" on ABC. Bruce has a friend getting a home makeover in Georgia. An interior decorator involved in the project is none other than Leigh Anne Tuohy, the Memphis mom who took in current NFL player Michael Oher off the streets. Actress Sandra Bullock won an Academy Award playing Tuohy in the movie: "The Blind Side."

Bruce plans to retire, but has made no announcement. He remains under contract to San Francisco, but wants the 49ers to release him so he can sign the symbolic one-day contract and retire as a Ram. But the 49ers have yet to release him, perhaps fearing he'll change his mind and end up playing for Mike Martz in Chicago.