Happy New Year, St. Louis! I believe it will be your best ever! I've had the great pleasure of being a part of the St. Louis community for 20 years now wow! More ups than downs, met awesome fans and leaders of the community. Thanks for helping the IBF become a strong pillar of hope. Today I sense God doing some HUGE things in our community. We are on the cusp of some of the greatest work and opportunities afforded the Body of CHRIST. We are living in perilous times, and it’s in these times we see God's presence and providence in ways often overlooked. God has moved and we are GRACED to be invited to participate. The time is NOW for more intentional prayer. I was recently invited to be in on THE GREATEST IDEA OF 2016 and share it with you. We are asking each of you (including families, ministries, businesses, churches) to look at committing the 1st Wednesday of every month as a day to pray and fast for our community. It’s a simple yet very powerful idea. Simply pray and fast... you can include others or by yourself. That's it. Let's Pray! -IB