Isaac Bruce Talks Life, Faith and The Rams

During his time in the NFL, teammates called Isaac Bruce, "The Reverend" because it was always his intention to pick up a Bible when it was time to put his helmet down.

After 15 years in the NFL—predominantly with the Los Angeles (and then St. Louis) Rams—Bruce stopped playing in 2009. Guess what he's doing now.

Although he's a busy man, Bruce took some time out of his schedule to sit down with me, and I got a chance to speak with the full-time "Seek and Save" minister of Words of Life Fellowship Church in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Rather than streaking down the sideline to catch passes, Bruce is beating the pavement in order to save souls. Yes, people recognize him, but he says that (at times) he wishes they didn't, because he's got more important things than football to talk about with them.

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